Wireless VOIP

IP Phone LP389 IPv6 and IPv4 SIP IP Phone

  • IPV6 and IPv4 Dual Stack
  • Support up-to 3 Register Accounts
    at three SIP Servers
  • Rich Telephony Features
  • Support Receive Instant Message
  • Intelligent Phone Book Name
  • Dual Flash Memory image backup
  • Auto Provision feature
  • Color : Blue and Black





LP389 is a SIP IP feature phone which work on both IPv6 and IPv4 network address simultaneously. It supports up-to 3 register accounts and each account can be configured to access IPv4 or IPv6 network SIP Server freely. It makes migration from IPv4 to IPv6 network smoothly.

IPv6 SIP IP Phone is ready to Market

IPv6 address was developed for years, however, it was not practical to our life up to
date. More and more electronic devices are able to link to IP Network, this makes
existing IPv4 address supply in shortage to global market. Meanwhile, the emerging
countries are not able to increase IPv4 address supply due to strong market demand
on broadband services. LP389 is an SIP based IP Phone which built-in both IPv6 and
IPv4 IP address. No matter when you are ready to deploy IPv6 network now, or
reserve the future expansion to IPv6 from existing IPv4 address, LP389 is ready to
go. Both IPv6 and IPv4 address are working simultaneously at Voice IP Call. Its
flexibility of both IPv6 and IPv4 accept and interwork both addresses on today and
tomorrow when you need.

To select freely up to 3 SIP service Accounts

LP389 is appropriate to use for VoIP Service Providers, IP Centrex service and IP-PBX
within offices and remote branch offices. Up to 3 SIP Server ( or ITSP Service provider
or alternative IP-PBX ) can be configured at LP389 simultaneously no matter where they
are seated at IPv6 or IPv4 network address.

Rich Telephony Features

LP389 is compatible with most brand name IPv4 and IPv6 SIP server or IP-PBX server
with a variety of telephony features which are similar to legend digital PBX features and
operational behaviors. LP389 receives Instant Messages ( IM ) which comes from IP-PBX
server, SIP Server or IP Centrex server and show on front panel by LCD and LED Light.
It is easy for you to retrieve IM messages by one tough key. LP389 provides flexible
talking facility to switch among them such as Handset, Hand free Phone and Headset ear
phone and microphone for heavy phone call user. The phone book name list can be
searched intelligently. When one letter was entered, the related consequent name
shows out at LCD immediately. An smart and intelligent design is waiting for you to use
it at both IPv6 and IPv4 address network world.

Management IP Phone is easier than before

LP389 support HTTP provision feature via MAC address. An unique MAC address profile at
each LP389 IP phone was configured before installation. Those MAC addresses profile
were created at HTTP server. It allows system manager to change each LP389 IP Phone
configuration and firmware upgrade remotely. Moreover, LP389 has built-in dual Flash
memory to avoid from crashing firmware during un-proper firmware upgrade procedures.



  • Interface:
    • Ethernet port (RJ-45, 10/100 base-T)
      • 1-LAN port, for connecting to switch
      • 1-PC port for connecting to PC
      • 10/100 based Switch
      • PoE (IEEE 802.3af ) at LAN port : LP389A, LP389SA only
    • Earphone/Microphone Jack (3.5mm) for Headset: LP389S, LP389SA DO Not
    • Handset Jack (RJ-10)
    • DC 12V power input Jack
    • LCD Display:
      • Display Format: 16 Characters (W) x 2 lines(H)
      • View Size: 64(W) x 17.9 (H) mm
      • LCD Type: TN
    • Language Option: English and Chinese
  • IP Network connection
    • IPv4 (RFC 791), IPV6(RFC 2460)
    • IPv6 Auto Configuration (RFC 4862)
    • MAC Address (IEEE 802.3)
    • Static IP
    • DHCP Client (RFC 2131)
    • PPPoE
    • DNS Client
    • TCP/UDP (RFC 793/768)
    • RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889/1890)
    • IPV4 ICMP (RFC 792), IPV6 ICMP(RFC 4443)
    • TFTP Client
    • VoIP VLAN Support (802.1Q/802.1P)
    • HTTP/HTTPS Server
    • QoS Support
    • Support IPV4 only, IPV6 only or dual stack mode
  • SIP Protocol :
    • RFC3261 compliance
    • Support up-to 3 SIP Register Accounts (IPv4 and IPv6 are selectable)
    • Support Primary and Backup SIP Proxy
    • SIP UDP Protocol
    • Support SIP compact Form
    • SIP Session Timer (RFC 4028)
    • MD5 Digest Authentication
    • Reliability of provisional responses PRACK (RFC3262)
    • Early/Delay media support
    • Offer/answer (RFC3264)
    • Message Waiting Indication (RFC3842)
    • Event Notification (RFC3265)
    • REFER (RFC3515)
    • Support DNS SRV to locate SIP Server (RFC 3263)
    • Support STUN NAT Traversal
    • Support “rport” parameter (RFC 3581)
  • Audio Codec :
    • G.711 A-law/μ-law, G.723.1 (6.3K/5.3K)
    • G.729A, GSM 6.10 (full rate)
    • Silence Suppression
    • VAD/CNG
    • Automatic Gain Control
    • In-band/out of band DTMF (RFC 4733 (RFC 2833)/SIP INFO)
    • Adaptive/Configurable Jitter Buffer
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    • Volume Adjustment
    • Customized Idle Text
    • Phone Book
    • Intelligent Phone Book Name Dialing
    • Clock, Daylight Saving, Call-timer
    • Call History of Missed, Received and Dialed
    • Dialing Plan
    • Digit Manipulation
    • Selectable Call Progress Tone
    • Support Personal Music Ring
    • Support Silence Ring
    • Auto Answer Mode
    • Support Auto Priority (Auto Switch) Calling
    • Support Specified Line Calling
  • Call Features :
    • Caller ID display or inhibit
    • Voice Mail with Indication
    • Speed Dialing
    • Call Waiting/Switching between Calls
    • Call Forward (Busy, Unconditional, No Answer)
    • Blocking of Anonymous Call
    • Do not disturb
    • Call Hold
    • Call Mute
    • Call Transfer
    • Incoming Call Blocking List
    • Music-on-hold support (via IPPBX or local)
    • Conferencing (3-way conference over phone)
    • Multi-parties conference (via IPPBX)
    • Distinct Ring between on-net and off-net calls (compatible with SIPPBX6200S,
      6200GS and 6200N only), 6200x.
    • Call Pickup (via IPPBX)
    • Call Park/Retrieve (via IPPBX)
    • Voice Broadcasting (via IPPBX)
    • Barge-in & Barge-in Allowance List
    • Redialing/pre-dialing
    • Hot Line
    • Support Peer to Peer Dialing
    • Support Receiving and Display Instant Message (RFC 3428)
    • SNTP with Daylight Saving
    • Multilanguage Web User Interface
    • Administrative Telnet CLI
    • 3 Levels of User Access Right with Password protection
    • LCD Administration Login
    • Provides System Status
    • Diagnostics (debug through syslog)
    • Configuration Backup/Restore
    • Reset to Default
    • Dual Firmware Image Backup to avoid crashing
    • Support HTTP provision through MAC address
  • Environmental :
    • Dimension: 200 × 95 × 223 mm (Desktop)
    • Weight: 1.17kg (One unit with packing)
    • Operating Temp. & Humidity
      • Temp.: 0°C~45°C (32°F~113°F)
      • Humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    • Power Adaptor:
      • INPUT: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
      • OUTPUT: DC 12V, 1.0A
    • Power Consumption of PoE : 4 Watts
  • Approvals:
    • CE, FCC, LVD and RoHS
  • Country of origin:
    • Made in Taiwan
  • Packing Accessories
    • LP389 IP Phone x 1 pcs
    • AC to DC12V Power adaptor x 1 pcs
    • CD User Manual
  • Warranty
    • One year

Ordering Information

  LP389 LP389A LP389S LP389SA
LCD Language English English English English
Handset and Hand-Free YES YES YES YES
Headset and Ear phone YES YES NO NO
Wall Mount NO NO NO NO
Delivery Status NOW NOW NOW NOW

IP Phone LP389 IPv6 and IPv4 SIP IP Phone

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