SENAO SP 922 PRO - Up to 5 km Long rang cordl
ess PBX System

SENAO SP 922 PRO takes your office to next level of communication, it is 4 line system that supports up to 90 handsets with full duplex intercom between them even when the base is not in the range - handsets communicate independently of the base. In addition to all that it allows users to use any line to take or receive calls. With external omni directional antenna, range is up to 5 km.

- Business & Industrial Long Range Cordless PBX System - Up to 4 input Lines and up to 90 Handsets
- Extensions.Multi-base option (Up to 8 bases - 32 lines and up to 90 Handset - Extensions interconnected)

Below ranges are results of Cordless4U test and match real life performance:
Indoor antenna : Max Range with out line of sight is up to 500m Max range in line of sight is up to 2 km
Outdoor antenna :
Max Range with out line of sight
is up to 5 km. Max range in line of sight is up to 10 km
Handset SP 922 PRO can be programmed on multiple base system to extend range and lines.

Perfect team connect office cordless telephone system with 4 lines and talkie walkie function, SP 922 PRO - 4 Line Business Cordless Telephone PBX System - EnGenius Senao durafon Pro

Product features:

Long range-up to 12 floors in building penetration; 250,000 sq. feet in manufacturing

Frequency band: 902~928MHz Digital Spread Spectrum technology for privacy and clarity

Follows USA FCC Regulation standard : FCC Part 15, Part 6

Works on any analog port (PBX, VOIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)

Multi-base system (Up to 8 bases) - Expandable to (8) bases for (32) line/ports

System can support up to 90 Handsets - Extensions

Independent of the base unit, talk and listen at the same time beetwen Handsets, no group chatter, no push to talk, private.

Rugged housing with durable design

Broadcasting - direct announcement to all handsets, or a group of handsets

Line Broadcast – Broadcast through L3 or L4

Audio-in jack for music/sales message on hold

High capacity Li-ion battery – 8 hours talk time and 50 hours standby time

Battery hot swapping permits changing battery while call is on hold

Caller ID with call waiting – stores 30 calls

Frequency hopping security – 200 times per second

Call transfer – announced or unannounced

Base Select

Key guard – prevents accidental dialing

90 names / number speed dial directory

Programmable PBX option key

Auto Attendant

Auto power management

Call timer

Vibration mode

Call hold

Mute / flash / last number redial

6 level volume control

User-defined long distance dialing prefix

Low battery alarm and display

Hearing aid compatible

2 handset antennas included – short one for convenience, long one for maximum range

Built-in 2.5mm headset jack

Optional outdoor antenna – for sale separately

Sales Guide

User Manual

PDF specification



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Phone signal coverage trought 12 floors walls

Perfect solution for:      shopping     warehouse     walking pets       around house       factories    auto dealers   small and big companies       buildings  stores     security       curse ships       ...wherever.