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SENAO SN 358 SKYPE - Long Range Cordless phone 5km

Below ranges are results of Cordless4U test and match real life performance :
Indoor antenna : Max Range with out line of sight 300m to 1km. Max range in line of sight is up to 2km
Outdoor antenna : Max Range with out line of sight 2km to 5km. Max range in line of sight is up to 15 km

Stay available to your friends or customers where ever you are ! Senao 358 SKYPE is new generation of long range cordless phones with SKYPE + your regular phone line or analog PBX line. Also it's crystal clear two-way radio feature, offers tremendous flexibility in any environment.

Support both PSTN and SKYPE calls
Multi-handset system (up to 99 handsets)
Walkie-Talkie between handsets
Intercom between base and handsets
Multi-Languages Display (English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish)

Display, ID, phonebook, Vibration
High quality voice transmission and automatic channel scan
Handset & Base Speakerphone High
Capacity Battery (1100mAh)
Power: 1W base, 450mW Handset



Multi-handset system (up to 99)
Single color LCD (Orange).
Vibration mode
Selectable Ring and Page Tone on handset (16 melodies) and Base Ring Tone (10 melodies)
Handset Custom Name Edit.
Walkie-talkie between handsets.
Handset speakerphone.
Multi-language (English/Spanish/Russian/Turkish/Arabic) display.
Multi-channel with auto-scan.
Base speakerphone with dial keypad.
50 Phone book memory with name/number on each handset.
Last 10 calls redial on handset.
30 Caller ID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
Auto detection of FSK and DTMF caller ID signal.
Caller ID with call waiting (CIDCW).
20 memory dial on base unit.
Base unit with last number redial.
LCD and handset keypad with backlit.
Tone/Pulse dialing mode selectable.
Change channel during Conversation.
Flash time programmable.
Ring volume adjustable for both handset and base.
Voice volume adjustable for both handset and base.
Handset with power saving function.
Low battery alert and display.
Built- in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
Auto answer and auto hang up.
Transferring a call between handsets and base.
Out-of-range alert.
Battery charge indicator.
Fast charge.
Adjustable Keypad volume on Handset.
Real time clock on handset.
Talk-time display on handset.
Auto power control designed.

USB-based SKYPE:
Free call from Skype to Skype
Dialing via SkypeOut
Receiving call from PSTN
Distinctive ringing between Skype and PSTN
Skype contacts available on handset
Making Skype call and PSTN call simultaneously
Call Log : Missed / Received / Dialed

Multiple Channel Access: 120 channels automatic scan to avoid interference
Built-in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
65,536 sets security codes (two-way)
Works on two frequencies in the same time : 394 MHz / 268 MHz
You should check with local authorities for legality of usage for these frequencies

PPT Sales Guide

PDF specification

PDF User Manual

ZIP Skype Driver CD + user manual



Price on 1 piece :



- SENAO SN 358 Skype Standard Cordless Phone kit - 1 base, 1 handset, 1 battery 1100 mA, 1 base adapter 110-120/220-240V, 1 indoor antenna,  1 user manual,  one year warranty

 30 USD - Additional Outdoor antenna with 15m cable

 35 USD - Additional charger for handset ( to charge handset with out base location )

220 USD - Additional Handset SN 358 Skype Standard kit - 1 handset, 1 charger, 1 battery 1100mA

 45 USD  - spare handset battery 1100 mA
 60 USD  - spare handset battery 1700 mA
 20 USD  - spare telescope handset antenna
 20 USD  - spare key rubber for handset
 20 USD  - spare base adapter 12V 800mA 110-120/220-240V

We can ship you via UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, Air Cargo etc.
Shipment cost depending on weight and destination.
Delivery commences is in 1-2 days upon receipt of you payment.
Export port : Dubai UAE

Payment options: Bank transfer on our Company or personal accounts, Western Union, or cash.

Price for payments by Pay Pal or Credit Cards is 7% high - 2CO authorized retailer -

We can send you shipment by any volume and description on delivery commercial invoice that you need for better meeting shipment and Customs requirements and saving costs. Also we can send the shipment as is a free samples, free gift or in special boxes.

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