SENAO SN 258+New1 IN Long range 1 km. UP TO 15 handsets  













SENAO SN 258+New1 - Long range cordless phone 5km

Below ranges are results of our test and match real life performance :
Indoor antenna : max range with out line of sight up to 500m. Max range in line of sight is up to 2 km
Outdoor antenna : max range with out line of sight is up to 5km. Max range in line of sight is up to 15 km

Recommended model for outdoor use - very popular for around house, on farms, ranches, factories, for remote locations and offices, for security companies, emergency services...

Multi-handset system (up to 15 handsets)
Walkie-Talkie between handsets
Intercom between base and handsets
Easy for use, classic and most desirable model
High quality voice transmission and automatic channel scan
Works on any analog line port (PBX, VOIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)
Power: 1W base, 350mW Handset

Call transfer among handsets
Battery low display
Power saving mode
Built-in noise reduction device
Auto answer & release
Two-way paging and hand-free intercom
10 speed dial numbers
Flash time programmable
Ring volume adjustable
Voice volume adjustable
Hold with music
Touch any key answer
Out of range alert
Key lock

Multiple Channel Access: 240 channels automatic scan to avoid interference
Built-in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
65,536 sets of security codes
Works on two frequencies in the same time : 388 MHz / 262 MHz
You should check with local authorities for legality of usage for these frequencies

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Senao 258+new1 user reviews:

My job is to be the head of a construction site for a company from Turkey which builds residential districts. It has always been a problem for me to be in contact with my workers and other employees at the same time. After I bought Sn 258+newl, I am very satisfied. We use it at the construction site in combination with 10 headsets, we are always in contact, which makes us more productive and faster at our work.

I think that this is a much better solution and at least ten times faster than before with toki walkies. This way we have a base at my office, I call them over the intercom, or more than one person at the same time and we have a phone line and a toki walkie.

You can say that we are finaly connected.

Said Atatug, Turkey, Istanbul


I am a retired woman in the age of 65 and I spend most of my time cooking talking over the phone and drinking coffee with my neighbors. Of all those things my favorite one is to talk over the phone with my friends for hours.

After I saw my friend bringing her phone at my place I decided to buy the SENAO 258+new1. I simply wasn't aware the freedom that the phone would give me. Now I can bring my home phone line to my friends or when I go to the store. I can talk as much as I want for the price of regular phone impulses and always be available for the phone calls I get.

Anastasia, Sydney Australia.


I am a farmer from Texas. In our place mobile phones don`t have any range, so our only connection with the world is the regular phone. Also whenever I worked on the farm noone could reach me. Thanks to my smart friend I found out about the phones that R&R electronics sell. After viewing their web page I concluded that the model Senao 258+new1 suits me best with it`s performances and it`s price because I don`t get along with phones that have a menu and a display.Senao 258+new1 is and ideal phone for me. I finally have a connection all over my property and neighborhood, and I can easily say that

I wouldn`t trade it for any cellular phone.

Jose, Texas U.S


My father is very old and he lives next to a Volcano named Paricutin in Michoacan Mexico he has cattle and a small farm. He does not wish to use mobile phone because it is complicated for him since he is so old. I bought him a Senao 258 and only showed him which is the call and end key because this telephone is so easy to use and he loves it now. Now I can get a hold of him all the time when he is out with the cattle or a home. It is the perfect solution to our communication problems. Since my father has owed this device all of his neighbors have asked where he got it and I have installed four more telephones since, it is the perfect telephone for there everyday job for all those who live in this small town.

Jose Lopez Mexico


We are a seafood company and we package fresh fish in Barcelona for export. We have purchase Senao 258 plus from R&R electronic group. We are very impressed and satisfied with this device. We have installed an antenna on the roof of our building and we have five handsets, which we use it all thought out our company. This telephone provides very good mobility for our company.

Manuel Hermida , Barcelona


Tengo un pequeno taller cerca de my casa, aproximadamente a 500 mts. Compre un equipo telefonico SENAO 258+ con antena y un cargador portatil para el taller, lo utilizo todo el tiempo y trabaja muy bien!. Gracias aR&R Electronics Group.

Diego, de Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico

Perfect solution for:      shopping     warehouse     walking pets       around house       factories    auto dealers   small and big companies       buildings  stores     security       curse ships       ...wherever.