Rexon LVHF / VHF / UHF Professional Radio / Vehicle Transceiver

Professional Long range Radio Mobile Vehicle Transceiver 25W 40W 60WREXON CM-03N ( 25/60W )
LVHF / VHF / UHF Professional Radio / Vehicle Transceiver

Usual range :
66-88MHz / 25W
Around 25 KM

VHF: 136-174MHz / 25W
Around 25 KM

UHF: 400-490MHz / 40W
Around 40 KM

VHF: 136-174MHz / 60W
Around 60 KM

RF Output Power:
60W/25W(High) , 10W (Medium), 5W(Low)
The usual range of RM-03N mobile radio is depending on output power.
Normally 1 watt is around 1 km transmitting distance.
Switchable transmission power

250 programmable memorized channels + CALL
Channel with alphanumeric channel name tag
12.5KHz/25KHz channel spacing programmable
2-tone encoder and decoder
DTMF encoder and decoder
CTCSS/DCS group scan, encoder and decoder
5 tone/ 2 tone/ DTMF signaling
Tone burst: 1000Hz, 1450 Hz, 1750 Hz and 2100 Hz
BCLO (Busy Channel Lockout)
Multiple scan functions are programmable
Priority channel
Keyboard lock can be activated
Car alarm and alert

Display background lit dimmable in 3 steps - 3 working modes available:
1) Frequency only mode
2) Frequency and Channel mode
3) Channel only mode

Repeater Shift programmable from 0 to 69,995 MHz in steps of 5 kHz
Frequency Steps : 5,0/6,25/10,0/12,5/20,0/25,0/30,0/ and 50,0 kHz
Repeater shift direction : + or –
Bandwidth switcheable: 25,0/ 20,0/ and 12,5 kHz
Speech Compander on/off.
Scan modes: timer/carrier switcheable
DTMF ANI On/Off - Alpha Numeric Identifi cation function is available by DTMF or 5 Tone signaling.

Voice compander: reduces background noise and improves transmitted voice quality.
Usefull for noisy environments and poor connections.

Function programmed with software and PC cable :

5-tone selective calling sequence according to ZVEI therefore also can be used as a tester for message recipients.
This function also replaces the alarm receiver.

Cloning feature: This feature allows all settings of a pre-programmed device to be transfered via a cable to another device.

With customerized software, RM-03N can be programmed as a ham mobile, which will be programmed through DTMF microphone.

Ports on the back: PL antenna connector (SO-239), and external speaker (3.5mm mono jack plug)
Large easy to read LCD display
Dimensions 160 x 43 x 141 mm W x H x D
Weight: 1.2 kg

PDF Specification

User Manual


Price FOB Taipei Taiwan :

CM-03N : 25W LVHF -

CM-03N : 25W VHF -

CM-03N : 40W UHF -

CM-03N : 60W VHF -


Each box of RM-03N including:

1) Professional Vehicle Radio unit

2). Microphone (Non-DTMF Keypad)

3). DC Power Cable with Fuse Holder

4). Mobile Installing Bracket

5). Hardware Kits for Bracket

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