GPS Two-Way Radios systems

REXON RL-328S BT GPS VOIP Professional UHF VHF LVHF Two-way radios with GPS Tracking and locating Blue Tooth Skype VOIP ROIP

REXON CL-328S BT GPS VOIP 5W professional handheld talkie-walkie with Bluetooth and GPS Mocrophone for tracking and locating

Perfect for search and rescue teams, security guards tracking, firefighters, alpinists and any other professionals who need locating a member of team on time

Compatible with standard Bluetooth earpieces or dongles
Skype and voip can be connected via PC/laptop Bluetooth dongle

Our GPS mic is simply for tracking, not for navigation Our Controller software offers free Google map service (see the attachment of checkpoint).  If you would like to combine local electronic map with our GPS data, you can intergrate them through TCP/IP.

RL 328S is our top model with GPS microphone for tracking and locating individuals in critical situations.

Max range is up to 10 KM

RF Output Power :

5W in LVHF

5W in VHF

4W in UHF

26-32MHz, 32-43MHz, 66-88 Mhz L-VHF , 135-174 Mhz VHF,

300-360 Mhz UHF , 330-400 Mhz UHF, 400-470 Mhz UHF, 450-527 Mhz UHF

256 channels,
Firmware: V10.21
Internal BlueTooth module added in the factory
GPS global positioning system for near pin point location at any time in any event.
Digital Encryption is optional and scrambler of CL-328S can be programmed per channel
Failsafe Lone Worker Totally fail safe, Totally flexible to meet every Health and Safety Requirement.
5 tone selcall radio
Auto On/Off signal the RL-328S will automatically log on and off when switched on and off
1700 mah Li-Polymer Battery
Optional battery: 2050mAh, 3000 mAh
Men-down alert optional function is built in software of RL-328S
Optional: Analog and digital encryption
Approved by ETSI 300 086, TIA/EIA603 and MIL 810 C/D/E/F


GPSMic Features :

Single, rugged unit is both a standard remote speaker microphone and a personal Global Positioning
System (GPS) location device. Convenient, efñcient, affordable, secure.

Works with virtually any two-way radio system-single or multiple channels, conventional or trunked  system, across  frequency range.

Can be used with both vehicle and handheld radios. Built-in earphone jack allows connection of a single-wire earphone kit for privacy.

On-board memory stores up to 1,300 location reports for easy download and archiving using a wired connection to the GPSMic or over-the-air reporting.

High sensitivity GPS receiver which allows for better reception of GPS satellite signals.

Position Reporting Options:
Position reporting can be programmed to operate in many modes. Modes can be combined. They can be applied to single mics, groups, or system wide. Over-the-air reprogramming can help respond to changing needs and emergency conditions.

Polling Mode: Reports location only when requested by the Base Station.

PTT Mode: Reports location when the user presses the push-to-talk switch. Minimum time between reports can be set to minimize data transmissions.
Reports may be sent at the beginning or the end of the user’s voice transmission.

Fixed Time Mode: Reports location automatically at set intervals.

Relative Distance Mode: Reports location whenever the user moves more than a set distance from his or her own last reported position.

Geofence” Mode: Reports location and sends alert whenever the user moves more than a set distance from a specitic defined location.

GPSMic Location Reporting System Features :

Transmits GPS location and other information as data over an existing non-compressed voice radio channel. Dedicated data channel is NOT needed.

Operates standalone or can be integrated into an existing AVL system. Our simple Application Programming Interface (API) allows the GPSMic system to be used with third-party mapping and  dispatch software packages.

Simple, standalone installations use a GPSMic configured as a Base Station Unit (BSU).

Fully configurable and controllable using GPSMic Tools software suite. Most operating parameters are programmable for the system, defined groups, or individual subscribers. Extensive over-the air, on-the-fly capabilities maximize flexibility.

Vigorous reporting and acknowledgment protocol helps ensure that location reports are not missed even under weak signal conditions.

The base station or dispatcher can request location information at any time for all subscribers,predetined groups, or individuals.

Firmware-upgradeable to enable additional features and functionality revisions.

Automatic location reports are sent only when the microphone detects a clear channel. This helps avoid collisions with other traffic through user configurable means.

1 Year Warranty
Original made in Taiwan 

PDF Specification RL-328S

GPSMic/Box specification

GPS Mic presentation

GPS Mic application

GPS Checkpoint review

Demo System internet




GPS Microphone System Diagram



Advanced VOIP SKYPE use over Blue tooth option:

Bluetooth Radio application


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