WIreless Phone line transfer

We have two different systems for transferring Telephone lines without wires over long distances

1. CT links can transfer one telephone line without line of sight up to 100Km.
2. C4U digital WiFi links can transfer more then 72 telephone lines per link in line of sight up to 40km.


Phone line wireless transfer systems up to 100km ( NLOS )
Radio link for one phone line (PSTN), PABX or Voip extension, Fax, low data speed 18-28kb/sec

ALCON CT Telephone Line transfer systems are the best and most reliable way to transfer you landline up to 100 km, without need for digging earth channels and laying down expensive and hard to maintain cables. Advanced encryption and automatic channel switching will provide you with a reliable connection even when multiple devices are used, and we have customers with over than 40 devices working together with no interference from each other.

ALCON CT are reliable and high quality devices, no maintenance needed

ALCON CT setup consist of a base and remote unit. Base units is connected to the tel line. Remote unit has two phone jacks where you can plug in phone, a fax or a computer modem, and you can use telephone line splitter to connect more units. ALCON CT will transfer your phone line, VoIP signal, Fax, GSM Signal, Dial up internet or PABX extension up to 100 km with out line of sight ( NLOS).

ALCON CT bases supports up to 4 remote units, so you can transfer your telephone line to 4 different locations, and also provide them with an intercom link for free conversation with base location.



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Example of Alcon land line   transfer


Dial up access by Alcon CT :

ALCON CT Land line cordless transfer, can also bring you basic dialup connectivity for devices such as dial-up modems, card readers, fax transmissions, or any devices that do not require bandwidth that exceeds 18-28kb/sec.




Alcon CT models can be used to transfer VOIP and GSM calls up to 100km NOLS

Example of using VOIP  witl line transferALCON CT devices for land line transfer can be used with VOIP/GSM Gateways, for low rate or free internet calls.

Any VOIP Gateway can be used to convert a voice signal from your ALCON CT base into VOIP signal and proceed it to the Internet.

Also any GSM Gateway can be used to convert a voice signal from your ALCON CT base in to GSM signal and proceed it to the GSM Network

We are providing VOIP and GSM gateways


Using ALCON WiFi Point to point to transfer multiple telephone lines in combination with VoIP gateways.

Digital multi phone lines transfer and one analog phone line extension up to 100km.

For easy installation we can configure software and mark devices before delivery.

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