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ALCON CT-7 SSExample of Alcon land line   transfer

-7SS Cordless phone line and intercom transfer system up to 20KM

Below range is result of our test and match real life performance:
Range without line of sight is up to 20km.
Max Range in line of sight is up to 30 km

system transfers your phone lend-line (PSTN) , VoIP signal, Fax, GSM Signal, Dial up internet (18-28 kbps) or PBX extension up to 30 km away.

Alcon CT 7 system has one base unit at the location where the telephone line is, and remote unit for the remote location, so you can use your line on those two places. It is even possible to connect up to 4 remote units (or in any combination with mobile ALCON handsets) to transfer your line to 4 locations, also have free intercom communication between the base and each remote unit. The remote unit has two phone jacks where you can plug in phone, fax or computer modem, and you can use telephone line splitter to connect more units. Basic touchtone telephone is included in kits with the remote unit.

Units can operate by 12V car battery and it is easy to use with Solar panel + 12V battery without any problem. The standard power supply we use is 12V 2A

are designed to operate on a low band VHF/UHF frequency 382 MHZ / 256 MHZ, with automatic multi channel scan for free channel and with high quality voice transmission. The low band frequency will bend with the terrain so optical visibility is not necessary. Signal will travel through hills and valleys, over mountains, even underground into a coal mine. Range depend of terrain configuration, and other factors that can weaken the signal such as: urban area with tall buildings, massive mountains and similar

Works on any analog line port (PBX, VOIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)
No software setup / easy installation
The line of sight is not necessary for range
Reliable and simple to use
Up to 4 Remote Units or portable Handsets per one base
5 W Base unit
5 W Remote unit
Universal interface on the remote unit for phone, fax, data or other telecom equipment use
Intercom connection between base and remote or portable handsets
Economical and easy to use
Excellent signal quality for long range use
RF stability & durability
Scrambler function
40 channels frequency auto scan
Two-way paging & intercom

Multiple Channel Access: 40 channels automatic scan to avoid interference
Built-in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
Works on two frequencies in the same time : 382.100 MHz / 256.100 MHz
You should check with local authorities for legality of usage for these frequencies

PDF specification
User Manual


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Frequently Asked Questions for ALCON CT-7SS :

1. How many remote units and handsets will each base unit support?

The ALCON CT 7SS system will support up to 4 remote units or portable handsets, or any combination of them, per one base.

2. How many lines per base?

Each ALCON CT 7S base will support only one analog line or extension.

3. How many Kilohertz is the channel bandwidth of the radio ?

25 KHz

4. How many dB is the highest gain of your omni antenna product ?

OA-2358 Omni Antenna: 254MHZ : 9dBi, 380MHz: 6dBi

5. How many hours for continuously transmitting is possible ?

We tested 500 hours of continuous transmission (quite impossible in any use), without any defects.

6. How many ALCON CT 7 S devices can be installed in one location (as base stations) without interfering each other?

For maximum: 25 SETS, ( the distance between each antenna : 3 meter or more)

8. Can I add an answering machine to the system?

The CT 7S system will support an answering machine, fax or phone with standard telephone jack.

9. What frequency and standard does your system operate on?

382.100 MHz / 256.100 MHz, not following any US or Europe standard.

10. Will the system work with a PBX extensions

Yes, the system with PBX extension line

11. Does the system use frequency hopping?

Yes, at 40 channels per second.

12. Are the handsets also 2-way radios?

No , there is no 2 way radio communication between handsets

13. How is such a long range achieved?

Long range is achieved with lower frequency and higher transmission power.

14. Is it suitable for the oil and gas offshore industry ?


15. How do I protect my system form static electrical charges?

Use the Antenna lightning protector & Telephone Lightning protector