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R&R Group - Corless4u is international manufacture and distributor network specialized for wireless technology systems that require extra range, good quality, reliability, and stability.

We have to offer high quality telecommunication equipment - Long Range Phones, Agriculture Sensors, Signal Jammer, Long Range WiFi, GSM Cell Mobile Solutions, Wireless Tel. Lines, Wireless Security, Two-Way Radios, Signal Detectors, GPS Trackers, Pro Spy Gear, VOIP Systems, Oil Gas Mining, Wireless Sensors, Car Communication, TV Radio Equpiment

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R&R Group International offers proven quality wireless technology equipment, tested in many projects, which guarantee you reliable operation and stability. Export and wholesale prices with worldwide delivery via DHL express, 2CO, Credit Cards, PayPal Accept online.

TAKE YOUR LAND-LINE WITH YOU.      Save money on your phone bill.       Be always available.      Never miss important calls.      Free intercom connection with base.        Free talkie wake function between headsets.